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Meet Troy and Amanda

Meet Rob and Amy

Rob & Amy have been clients with Invest WA for the past 2 years, working very closely with Phil Stevens over this period of time.

Rob & Amy came to seek advice because they were earning more money from both returning to work full-time after starting a family.

With the return of this second income they found their savings were increasing and were looking for advice on how to start investing and making the most of their current situation.

Investing in property was one thing they were interested in but didn’t know where to start.

Since being clients of Invest WA they have managed to buy an investment property and they have started to accumulate more money into their super.

This has helped to reduce their tax, grow some wealth and put a more money aside for their future retirements.

They found their combined total superannuation balance had grown to a point that a Self- Managed Superfund was a great option for them.

Invest WA have helped them establish this fund and diversified their portfolio across property, managed funds and cash.

*This is a summary of the experience of an actual Invest WA client. Profits, returns and tax deductions will vary per client and investment strategy. The above is not an endorsement to commence a specific investment strategy. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek the assistance of a qualified financial adviser

Troy and Amanda

We helped Rob and Amy, we can help you too

Many of our clients are well on the way to financial freedom with reduced tax, a plan to grow some wealth, and even put a little more away for their retirements.

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