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Meet Terry and Allison

Meet Terry and Allison

Terry and Allison first came to Invest WA at the end of 2015 looking for some advice on retirement planning for their future.

Both aged in their 50’s Terry and Allison knew it was the right time to start looking into it, they just weren’t sure where to start.

Invest WA were able to give them a clear vision of what they needed to achieve retirement over the next 5 years and what their retirement would look like.

They have 2 investment properties, a good Superannuation balance and a mortgage they would like to pay off as soon as possible.

We provided advice on when to best sell their properties, how much they need to put in their Super and calculated what was needed to have the loan paid off before they both retired.

Terry and Allison


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We helped Terry and Allison, we can help you too

Many of our clients are well on the way to financial freedom with reduced tax. It's never too late to start planning for a better future.

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